Quick review: Forced sex and movies, few things go this good together. ForcedMovies, this rusty, spacious site offers a plunge into all manner of situations where women were forced to satisfy every sexual desire of men, no matter how kinky. It can be basically anything, the modern cruel world offers a lot of options to a fuck-crazed freak. It can be a sudden knock on the door, or an attack in the streets, a coworker meeting gone wrong, you name it. The design sets you into the mood right away. With lots of space filled with sample images, some of them animated, and smeared with what seems to be rust and looks really disgusting, the site is all about forced sex as it really is. This is the harsh reality of men who cannot control their urges and donít want to in the first place. Watch them silly sluts grabbed, pulled by their hair, their throats fucked hard with raw fat cock, their assholes violated and their pussies used so hard they could go bursting at the seams. This is male cruelty at its sexiest! Letís just take a peek inside to see what this site hides under its more than appealing wrapping. We want to see females bound, gagged, and used without any respect so whatsoever, and this is exactly what will happen!

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